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We are a team of two professional organizers who specialize in helping clients get rid of clutter and bring organization to their homes and home offices. We work with you to reduce stress and gain comfort and control in the spaces you live and work.

At MOREganized, we know that sometimes your belongings and habits get in the way of all you need to do. It’s often overwhelming to face the clutter alone or know how to deal with it. That’s when we can help.

For over 10 years, we have worked with clients to:

We recognize that getting rid of clutter in your home and your life is as much an emotional process as a physical one.

Whether we work with clients on one room or a whole house, our MOREganized team method is the same.

  • We schedule a free one-hour consultation and see where clutter is getting in the way of your productivity and creativity.
  • We then customize a plan and checklist, keeping in mind the scope of the project, your budget, and your organizational style.
  • We declutter what you no longer need or use and then help you organize what remains.
  • We follow up with you after the project is complete.

Along the way, we coach simple organizational skills so that you can continue to minimize the clutter and maintain the organizational systems that work best for you.

This collaboration results in less stress and more space in your home and your life, allowing you to move on to new activities and interests.

With warmth, understanding and enthusiasm for every project, we make organizing fun. Let us help you move from cluttered to calm, from unorganized to super efficient. Call us at 847.767.6673 today to schedule a free one-hour at-home consultation or use our convenient contact form.

Lauren and Janis