Glenview Organizers Quoted in Chicago Trib on Kids’ Clutter

Kids' Clutter Organized

Kids’ Clutter Organized

We recently responded to an article by Heidi Stevens in the Chicago Tribune about her surrender to the clutter that her children accumulate.

This got us thinking about how best to corral kids’ stuff, either in the basement or in their bedrooms.

With that in mind, we wrote:

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Organized Garage Leads to Clutter-Free Car say Glenview Organizers

Glenview Car OrganizedTwo of the obvious benefits of a clutter-free garage are space to park your car and space to store your stuff.  Our “garage success stories” in Chicago and on the North Shore attest to that.

But another advantage of an organized garage may also be a clutter-free car. By having a place for everything in the garage, less needs to be carted around in the car.

We recently received a query from a reporter for tips on keeping the car clean and free of clutter, particularly when most of the passengers are kids. We told her that as professional organizers, we 
have seen our share of messy cars over the years. One story that still 
makes us chuckle is of the Glenview mom who was able to pull together a school lunch 
from the piles on the floor and back seat: juice boxes, granola bars, 
wrapped packages of sandwich crackers.

 While we admire her resourcefulness, we are a bit shocked at what was 
lurking beneath the cushions.

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Less Stuff Means Less Clutter, More Organized Basement


Evanston Basement Organized

Evanston Basement Organized

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as too much storage space.


We all dream about more storage space. If we only had enough place for our things, we tell ourselves, then our closets or basements or kitchens or garages wouldn’t be so cluttered and disorganized.


We’re here to bust that (sub)urban myth. It’s less a matter of how much space you have than how you use it that determines whether your room or house is clutter-free and organized.


Too often, too much storage space just becomes a dumping ground for things that shouldn’t be kept in the first place.

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Organize Basement by Clearing Emotional Clutter

Highland Park Basement Organized

Highland Park Basement Organized


A recent WSJ article entitled “A Diagnosis of Your Clutter” explores the relationship between our belongings and our emotions. “(T)he things we accumulate reflect some our deepest thoughts and feelings”.


The article goes on to say:


Now there’s a growing recognition among professional organizers that to
come to grips with their clutter, clients need to understand why they save
what they save, or things will inevitably pile up again.


Our experience as professional organizers in Glenview, IL mirrors this national trend.   We recognize that it is difficult for clients to examine and get rid of clutter if they have an emotional attachment to it. Our job involves helping them explore their feelings as well as their possessions.

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Happiness is a clutter-free closet, say Glenview organizers


Organized Closet in Glenview

Organized Closet in Glenview


A recent article that came across our (tidy!) desk quotes Gretchen Rubin, the NY based founder of The Happiness Project. “The No. 1 thing people told me they do to make themselves happier, over and over, is make their bed.”


As professional organizers from Glenview, IL , we think that a clutter-free and organized closet adds to your happiness quotient as well.


Why? Let us count (some of) the ways:


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