Organize Your Basement Bedroom with MOREganized

Basement Bedroom Organized by MOREganized

The basement is like the cluttered junk drawer of the house.

Think about all of its functions: kids’ playroom, den, space for pool and ping-pong tables, repository of cast-off furniture and storage place for disorganized piles of hand-me-downs.

It may seem so overwhelming and stressful to declutter and organize the basement that even more stuff accumulates.

Some clients have called the MOREganized team to get rid of clutter after a flood or when facing a move. Others have used our organizing services when the family is transitioning to a new phase – out with the basement wet bar and in with the home theater.

Whatever the reason, bringing organization to your basement gives you the opportunity to use the space in a new or better way. And bringing in the two professional organizers of MOREganized makes the process faster and more efficient. (And dare we say fun?)

We have spent ten years helping clients transform their living and work spaces, making them more inviting. Imagine a basement where all your craft supplies are at hand, or a home office set up in a quiet, well-lit room.

At your free one-hour consultation, we:

  • listen carefully to your needs and organizing style
  • develop a checklist of your goals
  • customize a plan to accomplish them


Then, we begin to declutter and re-purpose the basement areas.

We set up zones for work and play, and make sure there is adequate storage in all areas. During the process, we teach you how to keep clutter at bay and maintain an organized space.

Recently, we helped a client move years’ worth of toys, luggage and appliances out of her basement. We set up a place for her teens to play video games and spend time with friends. The bonus was enough space left over for a reading nook, complete with clutter-free, organized bookshelves.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation and start planning what you can do with the extra space in the basement we help you uncover and organize!

Or better yet, call 847.767.MORE(6673) the MOREganized team today!

Janis and Lauren