Closet Organized by MOREganized

Closet Organized by MOREganized

Whether it’s the closet in the front hall or the one in the bedroom, most of our closets are doing double – or triple – duty.  They are cluttered with the clothes and shoes we wear now, the ones that are out of season (or don’t fit), and the equipment and supplies we don’t know what else to do with.

Like the proverbial cupboard in the old radio show, our disorganized closets are often in danger of spilling out their contents when we open the doors or rummage through to find what we really need.

Declutter and Organize Your Closets

At MOREganized, we help our clients declutter and manage their clothing and belongings so closet storage is organized, neat, and efficient.  Unlike closet design companies, we do not encourage you to buy pricey organizational systems, but work with what you have on hand.

During a complimentary one-hour consultation, we help you to think about what your closet holds and what your goal is for its use.  Do you want to simplify your mad dash out the door in the morning?  Then we will organize a place for you to store your bags, keys, and outerwear so that you can just grab and go.  Do you want to coordinate your clothing by season, size, or occasion?  We can help with that too, by clearing the clutter and restoring order to your racks and shelves.

And we can find homes for the sporting goods, wrapping paper, oversized kitchen appliances, sheets and towels that are often difficult to store, and even more difficult to find and access.  We will suggest places to donate the items you no longer need from our extensive resource list.

As two professional organizers with over a decade of experience, we have helped our clients re-claim their closets and the belongings within them.  Our success stories include the client who moved from hoarder to order.  “I saw my closet space as storage and couldn’t find what I needed unless I had an hour to really look.  My stuff was pushing me out of my space.”  After we helped her get rid of the clutter and mess, we customized her closet storage, enabling her to adopt a new outlook.  “I could let go more and more of things and make room for my family and the things that really worked for us.  They found a changed woman!”

Contact us to schedule your free consultation and start planning what you can do with the extra space in the closet we help you uncover and organize!

Or better yet, call 847.767.MORE(6673) the MOREganized team today!

Janis and Lauren