Organized Garage by MOREganized

Organize your Garage with MOREganized

There may be something missing from your garage —  your car.  It’s probably on the street or in the driveway because the garage is cluttered with sports equipment, automotive supplies and old moving boxes.

It’s stressful to know how to organize and store these over sized items, particularly if they are not used often.

But when they take up valuable real estate in your garage, it’s time to get rid of the clutter and organize only the items that you need and use.  The result is a tidy storage area as well as a home for your car.

For over a decade, the team of two professional organizers at MOREganized has helped declutter our clients’ garages, transforming them into organized, efficient spaces.

At our free one-hour consultation, we ascertain just what you would like to store in the garage in addition to – rather than instead of – the car.

Then we get to work by clearing out the clutter in the garage.

Some of it can be thrown away or recycled (think of the boxes of old National Geographic magazines) and some can be donated or sold. We have a 20-page resource list of places that will take those items you don’t need or use.

We group what’s left using the organizing principle of “like with like”.  So tennis racquets and balls can be housed in one labeled bin, bike helmets and tire pumps in another.  Rarely is there a need to buy or install expensive organizing systems; we encourage our clients to use what they have on hand.

In one garage, we used an old rolling toy chest to store large gardening tools and re-purposed a nursery changing table into shelving for surplus canned goods.

One client was especially pleased when we finished her garage organizing make-over, since her husband hadn’t parked his car inside since they’d moved in years earlier.  We finished our project just in time for the first snow of the season.

If you’d like to preserve the value of your car by parking it in a protected place and declutter and organize your garage storage spaces, call us at 847.767.MORE(6673) or contact us for a free consultation.

Janis and Lauren