Organized Kitchen by MOREganizedFor many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home. But often it’s also cluttered with everything else that passes through:  not just groceries and dinnerware, but mail, schoolwork, cleaning supplies, toys, and tools.

Clutter, clutter, clutter…

We’ve even seen a (non-functioning) oven used to store out-of-season clothing.

An unorganized kitchen is not just inefficient, it’s stressful.  How do you make dinner when you can’t reach – or even find – the pasta in the pantry?  How can you host friends and family when piles of paper are moved from table to chair and back again?

The MOREganized team has helped families declutter and organize their kitchens for over 10 years.

We start by listening to you.

  • Is the island used as an office/homework center as well as a food preparation station?
  • Are you a solo cook or does the whole family pitch in?
  • How often do you entertain?

We help you define the organizing projects within the kitchen and prioritize them. We make a checklist of your goals. And then we roll up our sleeves and get to work getting you organized!

First, we clear the clutter.  The less stuff, the less there is to store. We set up three piles: put away, throw away, and give away.

We have a twenty-page resource list for the items that you do not use or need.

To better manage and organize the things you want to keep in the kitchen, we set up zones that work for your lifestyle:  food storage, baking, coffee or breakfast bar, party supplies, work station, and so on.

As a team of two, we are both more efficient than other organizers and offer more counseling and mentoring.

Our goal is for you to minimize clutter with a minimum of effort.

In fact, we recommend spending just 10 or 15 minutes a night in the kitchen putting away the dishes or the mail.  This curbs clutter build-up and leads to a stress-free atmosphere.

A long-time client writes, “I was someone who seldom opened my kitchen cabinets to find something because they were filled with ‘gifts’ and other unusable stuff. Lauren and Janis came to my home and helped me sort out my kitchen. They organized the kitchen by asking me questions. ‘How do you use this?’ or ‘When do you use this?’  and if I had not used the items they should be removed.  They hand carried items to charity groups for me.  All of a sudden, I could find the things I actually needed in my kitchen (instead of hunting). The amount I got rid of was amazing and I didn’t miss any of it!”

Let MOREganized help you transform your kitchen from disorganized to decluttered.  Call Lauren and Janis now at 847.767.6673 or contact us for a free one-hour at-home consultation.